What are we working on?

- Driver at Driving Dutch Design 2020, by BNO, DDF and ABN-AMRO
- Dutch Design Week 2020 Driving Dutch Design Expo
- Flatpack Couture | 1st collection in collaboration with Neetje (illustrator)
- RagRug | up-cycling textile waste
- Dutch Cabinet | Furniture
- Stack | 1st prototype in collaboration with Jessica den Hartog (sustainable plastic expert)

Ongoing Research

Momentum | Pendulum, 2014 - current

This home object generates energy through its movement and is inspired by the Cuckoo clock. Its well-known mechanism is self-sufficient in creating its own energy. By pulling the weights connected to the system and giving the pendulum a small push, kinetic energy is translated into an electrical current.

Parasites 2014 - current

Research into static electricity and indoor pollution. How can small parasites charge on the electric devices around us and create a static electric field to collect dust from the air.

Experiments and material samples, coming soon...