The Future Prospect Lab | Design Consultancy
by Jeffrey Heiligers

Although it’s hard to predict what tomorrow will look like, we help you towards your goal of shaping the future. The Future Prospects Lab is a design consultancy facilitating the process, research and prototyping; making your future vision come to life. We establish a high quality and custom prospect for your business. Ready to explore your future?

Our Method:

FUTURE/research PHASE:
*this is where we research possibilities

The Future Prospects Lab establishes and carries out exploratory research to create a solid base and sense of direction to evolve/align your business towards your future vision. To develop a custom fit we like to be actively involved in your business (operations) to develop a deep understanding of your operations/brand. Not as a coach telling you what to do but as temporary team member.

*this is where we analyse and define direction

We analyse qualitative insights gained in the (participatory) process then visualise and process the learned insights into an appropriate and understandable model (prospect) for you. The Future Prospects Lab works with several partners and experts in order to devise your next steps and advise on possible implementation strategies. We facilitate interactive meetings to connect perspectives between multiple stakeholders to ensure the quality of the potential prospect.

LAB/prototype PHASE:
*this is where we create and deliver a visual representation of the prospect

We love to prototype! Making your ideas tangible and translating them into concepts. The Future Prospects Lab reports the LAB outcomes to you and presents a unique blueprint outlining how to evolve your business and pioneer towards the future.

Ready explore the future of your business? Get in touch!
Contact me via mail[@]jeffreyheiligers.nl 

About Jeffrey Heiligers:

With my background in engineering and my analytical skills, I have a fascination for systems - how they work or don’t work, how to crack them and how to re-design them. I have an open, positive attitude towards problems, easily make connections and translate these into innovative new ideas. I have experience in guiding and facilitating the process and I’m a strong team player. During the whole process I find it very important to empathise with the situation and feelings of others. I do this through active listening and questioning to find the common thread in a story. I’m an achiever that loves to learn and connect perspectives. I built quality relationships, energise others with a vision of the future and have the self-assurance to make things happen. I keep my head cool, communicate convincingly and to the point in a visual and inspiring way.

Portrait video by Studio New West


We thrive through collaboration. The Future Prospects Lab combines in house knowledge of design and engineering with a variety of experts to gain new insights and find innovative solutions. Below you can find a list of our closest partners.

Currently working with:
- Vienna Design Week (Research Lead & open call Diversifying Design)
- kültüř gemma! (Fellowship Support Diversifying Design)
- AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Teacher Forecasting LAB)

Closest Partners:

- Jeroen van Veluw (Exhibition and Product Designer)
- ST-DUO (Graphic & Communication design)
- Design to Market (Masterclass program)
- Benjamin Moore (Designer)
- Karime Salame Sainz (Diversity Coordinator, AMFI & Designer) 
- Haoyu Dong (UX-Designer)
- Tiffany Ring (Interior Designer)
- Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (see 1m2 Collective)

Previous Projects & Collaborations:

- 1m2 Collective (ongoing)
- Juul Dijkmijer & Projects (Jeffrey as Design Consultant, vision and strategy)
Design & Wijn (Lokaal Lokaal pop-up store, Damrak 57, Amsterdam)
Jessica den Hartog (Sustainable Plastic Expert, Sneaker)
Zinc Cabinet | Re-Engineering Material in collaboration with Rheinzink 
B-I-Y Sneaker | Re-Engineering Fast Fashion in collaboration with Jessica den Hartog & Chillabs (3D print facilitator, Sneaker)
Flatpack Couture | Re-Engineering Fast Fashion with Neetje (illustrator)
RagRug | Re-Engineering textile waste
- Driver at Driving Dutch Design 2020, by BNODDF and ABN-AMRO
- Dutch Design Week 2020, Driving Dutch Design Expo
ST DUO (Online communication advisor, website)
- Dorien van Schie (PR)
- Physiotherapist Tanya Haes-Verhoeven (Posture)
- Neetje (Illustrator, Project Facemask)
- Clawdy Claws (Illustrator, Project Facemask)
Ernst van Hoek (Artist, Project Facemask)
- Julia Janssen (Design Researcher, Project Facemask)

Internships & Freelance Jobs

- Charlotte Jonckheer, Freelance Design Engineer, 2019, (Antwerp)
- Lucy McRae, Freelance Design Engineer, 2015 (London)
- James Perowne, Freelance Design Engineer, 2015 (London)
- Artoir Throup, Freelance Design Engineer, 2015 (London)
- Basemodels, Model maker, 2015 (London)
- Studioilse, Internship, 2014 (London)

Education and diplomas

- Mechanical Engineering, Arcus College Heerlen, 2005 - 2009 
- Bachelor of Design, Design Academy Eindhoven, Man & Well-Being 2009 - 2014