Retailers encourage buying mass-produced products that lack in quality and have little value to us, often thrown away because they are not designed to last. The processes that manufacturers use heavily pollute our planet and need to be drastically RE-engineered. 

Studio Jeffrey Heiligers collaborates with businesses by looking deeper into technology, materials and crafts used during the making process and regenerates them to new standards.

Through re-valuing materials, re-framing production methods and re-connecting consumers to products, Studio Jeffrey Heiligers produces quality home and lifestyle concepts with low impact, purpose and conscience.

Photography by Tim Meijer

What we are working on

- Driver at Driving Dutch Design 2020, by BNO, DDF and ABN-AMRO
- Dutch Design Week 2020, Driving Dutch Design Expo
- Flatpack Couture | Re-Engineering Fast Fashion with Neetje (illustrator)
- RagRug | Re-Engineering textile waste
- Dutch Cabinet | Re-Engineering Material in collaboration with Rheinzink 
- Sneaker | Re-Engineering Fast Fashion in collaboration with Jessica den Hartog


We thrive through collaboration. Studio Jeffrey Heiligers combines his knowledge of design and engineering with material experts to gain new insights and find innovative solutions.

Currently Collaborating with:

Rheinzink / Wentzel bv 
Chillabs (3D print facilitator, Sneaker)
- Neetje (Print illustrator, Flatpack Couture)
- Jessica den Hartog (Sustainable Plastic Expert, Sneaker)
- ST DUO (Online communication advisor, website)
- Dorien van Schie (PR)
- Geesken vormgeving (ongoing collaborator in various projects)

Previous Collaborations:

- Physiotherapist Tanya Haes-Verhoeven (Posture)
- Neetje (Illustrator, Project Facemask)
- Clawdy Claws (Illustrator, Project Facemask)
Ernst van Hoek (Artist, Project Facemask)
- Julia Janssen (Design Researcher, Project Facemask)

Internships & Freelance Jobs

- Charlotte Jonckheer, Freelance Design Engineer, 2019, (Antwerp)
- Lucy McRae, Freelance Design Engineer, 2015 (London)
- James Perowne, Freelance Design Engineer, 2015 (London)
- Artoir Throup, Freelance Design Engineer, 2015 (London)
- Basemodels, Model maker, 2015 (London)
- Studioilse, Internship, 2014 (London)

Would you like more information? Or are you looking to Re-Engineer your products to new standards? Get in touch!