Zinc Cabinet

Zinc Cabinet is one of the four concepts I've designed during a ten-month research into a future perspective named The New Standard 2030. This wardrobe has been designed using only one material and without the use of any chemical compounds such as glue, welding or screws. The construction is self supporting using specialised techniques normally applied for roofing or cladding on buildings by Rheinzink. The Re-Engineered wardrobe showed them a different approach to the material they have been using for decades.

After a visit at Wentzel BV / Rheinzink I was inspired by the properties of zinc and the way it's constructed onto roofs. The material is manipulated into shapes that triggered my imagination to use this as the starting point to build a self supporting construction. Zinc is a very durable material that even after years and years of use will not loose any quality. Due to this, the product can be returned at its end of life.

Recycling the cabinet just asks for it to be taken apart, melting the material down and turning it into to new sheet of zinc, making Zinc Cabinet a 100% cradle-to-cradle product.

Photography by Tim Meijer
For enquiries about Zinc Cabinet please contact mail@jeffreyheiligers.nl

Prototype sponsored by Wentzel BV / Rheinzink Nederland 

On the 21st of October Studio Jeffrey Heiligers hosted a livestream during Dutch Design Week Virtual featuring frontrunners and new thinkers working towards The New Standard.

- Noud Sleumer
- Hillebrand Breuker
- Thijs Baneke
- Ino Paap
- Thomas van Belzen

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