The New Standard 2030

The New Standard2030
The Right Choice: a series of positive concepts

October 2030 | Purchasing new products is no longer permitted, adopting is. Retailers, manufacturers and consumers are working hand in hand to bring the impact of lifestyle products down to zero. Adopters and producers take their own roles in this process and share responsibility. The individual story and created identity shown in the passport of each product reflects its entire lifecycle - from idea to disposal.

The right choice is The New Standard for all parties. During the making process of Flatpack Couture1* and the BIY (Build-It-Yourself) Sneaker2* the consumer takes control. The designer, manufacturer and retailer guarantee the Zinc Cabinet3* and the BIY Sneaker are 100% circular. Thirty kilograms of Fast-Fashion waste from the year 2020 shape every hand-crocheted RagRug. Low impact is now The New Standard in manufacturing, where recycling is central to the design process. Disposing is simply out of fashion.

1*Flatpack Couture print design by Studio Neetje
2*BIY Sneaker sponsored by Chemelot Innovation & Learning Labs | In collaboration with Jessica den Hartog
3*Zinc Cabinet sponsored by Rheinzink

This collection is part of the Driving Dutch Design 2020 Expo during Dutch Design Week Virtual. Or visit my personal page & 3D room and find out more about 3 Livestreams that I will host.

Photography by Tim Meijer

On the 18th of October Studio Jeffrey Heiligers hosted a livestream during Dutch Design Week Virtual featuring frontrunners and new thinkers working towards The New Standard.


- Pepijn Duijvenstein
- Douwe Jan Joustra
- Roosmarie Ruigrok
- Jessica den Hartog 


- Sebastiaan van de Venne

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