This handmade rug is one of a kind and the first RagRug produced by Studio Jeffrey Heiligers. Making one piece takes about 3 months, full time. Each part of intensive labour is done by hand.

Size: 180cm X 230CM (to purchase, please send me an e-mail)

RagRug is one of the four concepts I've designed during a ten-month research into a future perspective named The New Standard 2030. At the start of this year the Covid-19 Pandemic hit the Netherlands. As a result people started working from home and began cleaning out their wardrobes. The results are large piles of fabric waste with no destination. 

Most fast fashion garments are produced out of mixed materials including synthetic fibers that make the recycle process extremely complicated. With a simple post on Facebook I started harvesting textiles out of the neighbourhood that had no new purpose. First the fabric was color coordinated, then cut into strips and sewn together in one large string, to be hand crocheted into a high quality rug containing approximately 30 kilo grams of textile waste.

Thank you Union Interiors and Styling for using RagRug in one of your interiors!

For sales and inquiries about RagRug please contact mail@jeffreyheiligers.nl

Photography by Tim Meijer

On the 21st of October Studio Jeffrey Heiligers hosted a livestream during Dutch Design Week Virtual featuring frontrunners and new thinkers working towards The New Standard.

Noud Sleumer
Hillebrand Breuker
Thijs Baneke
Ino Paap
Thomas van Belzen

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