Flatpack Couture

Flatpack Couture is one of the four concepts I've designed during a ten-month research into a future perspective named The New Standard 2030. In this project I Re-Engineered Fast Fashion by making the consumer part of the making process.

When a consumer buys a Flatpack Couture box, they will receive the garment in pieces including an instruction manual, how to put it together. Sewing the pieces of your Flatpack Couture together not only builds an emotional connection between the customer and the garment, but also gives you knowledge how to repair your garment if it ever breaks or how to alter it to your body.

For those who are not capable of creating the garment yourself a good alternative is outsourcing it to a local seamstress or tailor to support a local maker.

Prints by Neetje
Photography by Tim Meijer
For enquiries about Flatpack Couture please contact mail@jeffreyheiligers.nl

On the 19th of October Studio Jeffrey Heiligers hosted a livestream during Dutch Design Week Virtual featuring frontrunners and new thinkers working towards The New Standard.

- Suzy Mattocks
- Giny Janmaat
- CHILL (Chemelot Innovation & Learning Labs) Jeroen Veen
- Jessica den Hartog

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