1m2 Collective

Studio Jeffrey Heiligers created a new vision for design festivals/fairs using just 1m2 exhibition space to address issues around topics such as square meter prices and inclusivity within the design world. 

More about the platform:

1m2 Collective
is a platform to unite new design talent and highlight changes needed in the professional design field. Through positive protest, and proactive research we aim to stimulate the conversation about how to create a more inclusive design industry. Our first visual protest took take place during Dutch Design Week 2021 (16-24th of October) at van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven.

More about Studio Jeffrey Heiligers's role:

Jeffrey's role within the collective is finding the right network and connecting people to facilitate the conversation on inclusivity within design festivals and the institutes organising them. As design manager he is responsible for organising the logistics, communication around and within the project and maintaining overview to develop this project from concept to visual end result.

Jeffrey is one of the founders of 1m2 Collective in collaboration with ST-DUO & Studio Jeroen van Veluw.

Composition by Berry Dijkstra
Photo by Roza Schous

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