Five reasons why I do what I do

1. I don’t believe that if we keep using the current system of mass production and capitalism we will ever overcome sustainability and environmental issues. Capitalism has created a buying addiction, seducing people to buy stuff they don’t need for the sake of big brands making more and more money.

2. I don’t believe in blaming the consumer. The industry keeps using the excuse that the consumer wants more and more for lower prices, and justifies their mass production and unethical work methods on “consumer needs”. In my opinion, big brands only keep doing what they do to to increase their already large profits. It is time for everybody (including the industry!) to take responsibility for what they create and put on the market.

3. I think the industry needs to drastically change and start taking responsibility for their products in order to make an actual change. Not by greenwashing their brands and misleading consumers into buying goods falsely labeled as ‘sustainable’ or using sustainability as a marketing tool. Doing this and still mass producing is contradictory - we are making more of everything than we need, using natural resources we don’t have and polluting our planet.

4. In my opinion, it is counter productive to overwhelm the user with data and images of turtles drowning in ocean plastics to show how bad things are for the environment. Yes, there is value in the initial shock of seeing the reality of the problem, but it doesn’t provide the consumer with a proactive solution to do better. I believe that only providing consumers with products that meet high sustainability and circular standards at compatible prices means the choice can only be good and we can make a real change.

5. I think that designers, brands and manufacturers need to Re-Engineer how they do things. Starting with their (design) processes; the materials they use, how and why they use them, how they construct and manufacture the products and last but not least how we (the consumer and the industry) can re-use all the parts a product contains. Another important aspect is to have the consumer involved in these processes. Inform them, make them part of the making process and be transparent.

For all of the above, I do what I do. But to make change on a bigger scale it is also time for the government to play a bigger role in actively prohibiting these greenwashing practices and create strict regulations ensuring products are actually sustainably made.


I motivate positive change towards a sustainable future, designing easy to use, (conceptual) products that are future proof. The environment, craftsmanship and the human being are key to my work.


By dissecting production and design processes, I gain essential knowledge about the use of materials and how something is constructed. With these observations, I recreate your product to new future proof standards that have a positive impact on the user and the environment.

Re-engineering your products has a high commercial value for businesses and brands that want to innovate towards a more sustainable future. Studio Jeffrey Heiligers works with businesses that want to be a pioneer in making a positive change without greenwashing.

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TIPS for consumers reading this:

Ask questions!
Why is this product so cheap? Where was it made? Who made it? Which materials are used? If you can’t find the answers then a brand is not transparent and they are hiding information. Don’t buy it - you have a choice!

If you decide to buy it anyways ask yourself the questions:
Do I need it? How long will it last?

Buying less is the best way to contribute and when you buy, invest in quality products. The initial purchase might be more expensive, but it will last you a long time making it cheaper in the long run.

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