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The what, why and how of Flatpack Couture

What is Flatpack Couture? Flatpack Couture is one of the four concepts I have created during a ten-month research into a future perspective named The New Standard 2030. In this project I Re-Engineered Fast Fashion by making the consumer part of the making process.When a consumer buys a Flatpack Couture box, they will receive the garment in pieces including an instruction manual showing how to put it together. Sewing the pieces of your Flatpack Couture together not only builds an emotional bond between the customer and the garment, but also gives you the knowledge of how to repair your garment if it ever breaks or how to alter it to your body.For those who are not capable of creating the garment themselves, a good alternative is...

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Five reasons why I do what I do

1. I don’t believe that if we keep using the current system of mass production and capitalism we will ever overcome sustainability and environmental issues. Capitalism has created a buying addiction, seducing people to buy stuff they don’t need for the sake of big brands making more and more money.2. I don’t believe in blaming the consumer. The industry keeps using the excuse that the consumer wants more and more for lower prices, and justifies their mass production and unethical work methods on “consumer needs”. In my opinion, big brands only keep doing what they do to to increase their already large profits. It is time for everybody (including the industry!) to take responsibility for what they create and put...

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Studio Jeffrey Heiligers x Driving Dutch Design

Last year I was one of the 22 participants in the Driving Dutch Design class of 2020. Driving Dutch Design (DDD) is the professionalisation and networking program of ABN AMRO, the association of Dutch Designers (BNO) and the Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) that helps passionate designers on their way in the world of entrepreneurship.Why did I feel like I had to participate?  I graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in December 2014. Both my graduation projects got picked up on quite fast and within one month my work Momentum was on show at the Kazerne in Eindhoven during Dutch Technology Week 2015. My other graduation project Posture was published soon after by online design blog Dezeen. This was followed by a tsunami of e-mails, interviews and requests...

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