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Making engineering child's play


Converting a simple push into an electrical current


In a world of mass-production we have lost touch with the true value of craftsmanship. Therefore we provide you with the understanding of how something is made, how it works, or by whom it’s made so you too can know your product inside out. Your level of interaction determines your own experience.


"Jeffrey's way of combining design and engineering made me look at things from a different perspective! Practical thinking with a good eye for design. He prioritised different parts of the production process and provided me with practical solutions for a technical challenge."

- Charlotte Jonckheer

"Studio Jeffrey Heiligers translated my concept to a concrete design, pattern and product that was custom made to my wishes.

I trust his knowledge and skills."

- Liesje Lokbi

"He makes the consumer aware of how a product is made. Now is the time to adjust our purchasing and manufacturing behaviour for the world tomorrow."

- Laura Baar


People who care share knowledge and are not scared to be transparent.

Sharing knowledge gives us the chance to learn from each other. Using input and feedback from specialists, we are able to take a critical look at current offerings and re-evaluate the technology and crafts used in the manufacturing process. This is where our journey of re-invention begins…


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